Daibo Forexim

About us

Activity and Evolution

Daibo Forexim was founded in the year 1997, being a 100% Romanian brand, mainly dealing with logging and the commercialization of logs and firewood. After 2004, the company expanded its activity, adding a log processing line.

With the passing of time the processing line has been modernized through the acquiring of new machinery that help increase the performance and quality standards for the commercialized timber. 

Quality and performance

The quality and performance of the company had been immensely appreciated by its partners and clients, since the log processing had been extended to three separate lines now. 

The company had followed the continuous growth and efficiency of the production, modernizing the processing line and aquiring more heavy duty machinery for the logging activity. Our company owns two -MAN- modern forest trucks equipped with cranes and John Deere 1410G Forwarder.

Our products are mainly sold in Europe, especially through Holland, Italy, Belgium, Greece and Turkey, but also throughout the Romanian market.


Daibo Forexim has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

The team

Our team is made of professionals with a lot of experience in the industry, but also by young promising souls that are willing to evolve for the betterment of the company. 


We are using professional machinery and equipment which reduce the losses and optimize the speed and production of our deliveries.